Głęboczko lake

over the river

dawn by the lake


the forest by the lake

antique viaduct above the bicycle track

lake in the wintertime

A sight from the orchard

The 'Lobelia' farm is situated about the 'Dolina Słupi' Park by a charming clean lake called Głęboczko. which constitutes a wildlife sanctuary. The farm lies far away from public transport and buildings, 2 kilometres from Pomysk Wielki - a village situated only 7 kilometres from Bytów. In Pomysk You can find two shops, a post office, a bar, and for the connoisseurs of relics - a Neogothic church. More relics can easily be found in Bytów - the pride of which is a castle build by The Knights of The Cross. Few kilometres north from Pomysk lies Soszyca, a village famous for an antique water power station in which there is the oldest bulb in Europe or even in the whole world. The small distance from the sea-coast (about 70 kilometres from Ustka or Łeba and 90 kilometres from Ggdańsk) is what makes the one-day-outings to the sandy beaches of Baltic or visiting Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdańsk possible.

Małgorzata Nowotnik
77-100 Bytów
Pomysk Wielki 61
tel. +48 59 822 48 04
kom. +48 660 685 733
96 2030 0045 1130 0000 0971 6680

king bolete


wild animals

Pomysk roads

An autumnal landscape


landscape view

a meadow full of dandelions