canoeing rally

water-power station in "Struga"

angler's dawn

aiming the target

road trip

castle in Bytów

we go down


What is the most attractive about our farm is its location: among forests, by a beautiful clean lake, far away from any other houses. Everybody can find here something for himself or herself all year round.

Here are the attractions:

- a beach by the lake with a safe access to the water
- a grassy playing-field suitable for most team-sports
- a place for bonfire by the lake
- a place where You can grill
- a table for table-tennis
- possibility to arrange a paintball match
- shooting with a conventional bow
- fishing in nearby lakes or rivers (e.g. for trout)
- forests rich in the edible gifts of nature
- orchard
- conventional massage
- horse-riding in Bytów

winter-time attractions:

- skiing
- ice-skating
- outings on sleighs

Małgorzata Nowotnik
77-100 Bytów
Pomysk Wielki 61
tel. +48 59 822 48 04
kom. +48 660 685 733
96 2030 0045 1130 0000 0971 6680

playing children



horse riding

evening fishing

fishing results


"dashing through the snow... "